1995 Shawshank Redemption

Always keep your Hope, that’s the lesson we can take from one of my all time favorite movies. A story by Stephen King who never cashed in the Royalties for the screen play. Directed wonderfully by Frank Darabont who also did the Green Mile. Andy (Tim Robbins) and Red (Morgan Freeman) deliver a strong performance of friendship played out in a prison a place that most of us will never experience. At the same time there are lessons we can take from this movie for our own lives. One of these lessons is when Andy mentions that he had to go to prison to become a crook. In our own lives we are put in situations that can transform us and that’s why our beliefs and values need to be strong. Another classic line is when Brooks leaves prison and mentions that the world outside has got itself into a God damm Hurry.

This is so true that the world keeps getting faster and we just keep running faster without noticing the speed we going at. Andy also shows us the value of persistance when he kept writing letters week after week to obtain funds for the prison library, you have to fight for what you want. The story is so well written and the movie so wonderfully produced that if you haven’t seen it by now then I envy you as you are one of the lucky ones, who can still experience this classic for the first time. Just like Brooks and Andy I also HOPE that I can one day leave ENGRAVED in this world the message that TIM WAS HERE and so should you leave your own message. Prison life consists of routines, so if you are not in Prison don’t fall into the same trap of routine, live free and to the fullest. You are either busy living or you are busy dying, it’s your choice.

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