Blessed Christmas and a HAPPIER New Year

Incredible as it may seem, 2019 has reached its end. It’s time for presents, food, family and most importantly being grateful for another year. It might not have been a classic year or it might even have been a disastrous year. The truth is that we have made it and we are now more experienced and more battle hardened than at the start of 2019. As they say what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and damn have I become stronger this year.

It has also been a tremendous year in many aspects, and yet a very tough one in many others. I travelled the world with my family and will forever be grateful for that experience. I learnt so much about myself and my family. We saw and experienced truly amazing things on our trip. I understood how similar we all are, from Mongolia to right back home. Yet I also saw first hand how we prefer to ignore our similarities and how we unfortunately focus on our differences, using these to justify our feelings of superiority over others. Over all though, I loved our around-the-world trip and hope that it will be my last memory when I close my eyes forever.

I laughed, cried and fought on various fronts this year. I was persistent, resilient and positive even during the tough and challenging times which seemed to have come around more often in 2019. I also lost some friends as they left this earth and now they only live in my heart until I see them again. I also distanced myself from others due to disappointments and disagreements, but take this opportunity to tell them that I hope they get all that they deserve. I also thank them as they have once again taught me the hard lesson of true friends and opportunist fools. They proved the Mark Twain saying true, “The more I get to know people the more I love my dogs”. I also experienced first hand, how the rats are the first to jump ship when the going gets tough.

Fortunately, I can also thank God for the true friends and good partners that stayed onboard and helped me row all the way through the storm to now calmer more promising waters. I love you guys and you have kept my heart soft and loving through your actions. Together we are stronger than ever and I know that the best of us is still to come.

I’m sure you’re all exhausted, you’re all just as happy as I am to make it to year’s end. If so, then promise me you will make the changes in your lives as I did mine to put yourself in first place in 2020 as only then can you actually help those that matter and no longer waste time with those that don’t. It’s tough I know, our good-human nature always sees the good in others and we believe in dreams but let’s make 2020 a more cautious year in order not to allow assholes into our lives. “My life Matters”, “Me First”, “Yes I Can” and “Me Too” are all the life slogans by which I will live in 2020. No, I am not being selfish or egotistical, quite the contrary. I am just being smarter, tougher and more realistic in 2020. I feel stronger, more determined, focused, mentally lighter and yes much happier than ever as I offloaded the free loaders and embraced my true friends.

Accept all the bad shit that you’ve been through, but also embrace the knowledge and life experiences that all that crap has taught you. Be thankful for how well prepared you now are for the future because of it. Don’t be stupid by falling into the same traps or same beliefs, don’t make the same mistakes. Say No more often to the free-loaders and say Yes to the ones you love. Build the important relationships and say goodbye to the irrelevant ones. Fight for what’s worth fighting for and don’t waste time on what’s worthless and meaningless. Pray and let God show you the difference. I know it hurts for a while but it will feel so relieving in the future.

I end by asking you to breath, think and plan your 2020 so you go into it on the right foot and make it a classic year.

A happy and joyous year because you deserve it, after all you survived 2019

this article was posted at link to leaders, 20/12/2019.

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