Calling all Leaders, we promise to vote

Many of us blame the lack of global leadership on one party or another, one government or another, one ideology or another. Our leaders are supposed to lead us boldly but it seems as if all that they are trying to do is make less bad decisions than the next. This is not leadership, this is lack of vision and bravery.

The truth is it’s our fault that we have these uninspiring global leaders. It’s time for us all to take responsibility, we have to stand up and do our part in becoming or electing the leaders we want if we are determined to make our world a better place. We all know the high values and ethics that we should hold our leaders to, yet we don’t elect or become these leaders. As global citizens we cannot afford to confront our next crisis once again with weak global leadership. Only a handful of leaders can be trusted or are inspiring and this is not enough if we wish to surpass our future challenges of disease, global warming, income inequality and peace.

As I write this, our world seems to be falling apart. We have the European Union on the brink of disintegration due to the lack of Covid-19 leadership. Our European leaders retracted into their own countries and failed to lead in a unified manner for Europe as a whole. The trust in Chinese leadership has been tarnished globally due to their delays and coverups of critical information related to Covid-19, which has impacted the world negatively. Finally, the leader of the free world has also been found lacking as he continues to play the blame game and fails to take responsibility for his actions. This style of leadership is divisive and destroys the country from within.

Our leaders have failed us when we needed them the most and, unfortunately, we are all to blame. We have taken the privilege of voting for granted, we have not elected or supported the best candidates.

We must and can change the course that we are currently on, it’s not too late. We must raise our hands and come forward or support others that can lead. We must not allow fake news or influential lobbying to draw our path by polluting our minds. We need Governments that will be chosen by the people and for the people. We need leaders who will put their citizens and humanity as a whole before themselves. We can no longer vote for the lesser of two evils. We must say no to bigots, liars, narcists, racists, sexists or any other sub-human leader. We must vote with our pens, our money and our minds. We must vote for education above war, responsibility above blame and unity above division. We want leaders who build and not destroy, who prioritise human life above share prices. I want to be proud to tell my children why and for whom I voted.

Join me today and let’s make the world a better place by using our vote to elect one leader at a time. From school principals, to business CEO’s, to Presidents, our voting can change the world. We can elect locally and change the world globally.

One of our greatest leaders spent 27 years in prison to obtain his right to vote and influence his future. He showed us unity, forgiveness and love. It’s now our responsibility to identify and elect the next Nelson Mandela, for if we don’t, we will continued to have the leaders we have now…

This article was posted at dinheiro vivo, 27/04/2020.

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