Covid Today, gone tomorrow…

No matter what your opinion – positive or negative – on how governments and international organizations have dealt with or responded to Covid-19, the unanimous truth is that the world’s now firmly in an economic mess. We also do not have the luxury to blame or argue further about the origins or responses taken to this unfortunate disaster. What was initially only a health crisis has now expanded to a total crisis of unequal and unimaginable proportions. We now need transparency and bravery more than ever before for economies to be reopened with the same fervour as the lockdowns, so that we can once more build confidence.

We need to make it clear that we do not have the option to handle any future crises by handicapping our economies by enforcing lockdowns. We must ensure that all citizens, investors, and organizations understand that never again will we bring the world to its knees by trying to resolve one crisis by starting a crisis of a different nature. We must learn from the Covid-19 crisis and be prepared for the next one, always remembering that our citizens can and must be trusted to do what is right not only because of fear and enforcement of extreme measures. If this is the only solution our governments believe in, then we have the wrong leaders in place. We also need leaders who change their course as new information comes about and do not put on blinkers and stay the wrong course until they hit an iceberg.

The long-lasting effect from the economic impact will be shocking and more real than Covid-19 testing or direct deaths statistics or models. More people will be impacted by economic hardships than could ever be seriously infected by Covid-19. All age groups will suffer economically, and no herd immunity will be possible to alleviate the economic impact on age, country, or belief system of government. In summary we have created a huge hole and might still be digging it deeper unless we stop and start changing course fast and confidently.

We will ask many questions after this is over, one of which will be why did we act the same all over the world when we have populations that are younger and less prone to the impact of Covid-19 in different countries. Why did Africa also lockdown when they have populations that are young and have a lower risk of Covid-19? We will ask ourselves why did one response fit all when it never does? Why will the poorest and most vulnerable again suffer the most? Is it only because of fear that we act in such stupid ways and stick to the wrong course for such a long period? Our leaders react more than they lead, and this scares me as we enter an uncertain future. Working to only make less mistakes than other leaders does not inspire confidence for the future from our current leaders.

Once more it will be left to us the people, entrepreneurs, workers, and the general population to produce our way out of this mess. We will have to lead, suffer and struggle to make a living and improve our future a day and action at a time. I only hope that our government steps aside and allows us to do this instead of adding obstacles and difficulties in the way. I can only ask governments to add the incentives and set out the rules for us all to do our part in cleaning the mess. Let us grow out of this crisis by producing more and becoming more innovative instead of imposing on us more taxes and restrictions to pay for heavy and tired Government expenditure. Trust us to improve our own lives by providing us with law and justice to allow us to do so. Do not preach to us about nationalism to hide governments shortcomings but rather let us trade to create wealth and a future for all. Trust us to better make use of our resources and consume with more sustainability than the past as we are willing and wanting to do so. Let the developed countries finally lead by example in using less and sharing more. Let us work for a world-wide sharing economy based on common goals and values that benefit the developed and developing world.

New ways of running companies of sharing profits and investing in the future will come about as we all work together to improve the future for us all with respect and dignity as common values. Greed will and must be frowned upon and short-term decisions which hurt our planet or contribute to corruption and unsustainable practises will be severely penalised. We know what is right and can no longer stand by and see the wrong. We must take responsibility and act in the interest of all our futures. There are no V shaped recoveries but rather long-term visions that helps us avoid further fall off the cliff style scenarios.

How do we do it? Firstly, by electing good leaders, looking at facts and avoiding fear mongering, investing in sustainable businesses that also share profits not only to investors but to all stakeholders involved. We need to move away from greed and account for GDP in a better way than simple production as we need less consumption and our current ways only measure production. One by one we should consume less, produce more longer term and be happier. New economic systems must be promoted that encourage a better world for all including a fairer system for the 99% who contribute to the success of the 1%.

Will it be easy, no, will it be possible, yes! Are we ready for it, yes? I believe that we are ready for anything after Covid-19 and that you have thoughts on this as well. I encourage you to share your thoughts and be heard.

This article was posted at Dinheiro Vivo, 12/06/2020.

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