Full Metal Jacket – Stanley Kubrick (1987)

“Marines are not allowed to die without permission”. Another movie I wish I could see again for the first time as it sucks you into a deep and rich story.

The movie starts with the sad story of Private Leonard Pyle. It sets the tone for an amazing war and life movie. With a truly great sound track and many top one liners; such as the Vietnamese prostitute that says “me love you long time”. This is a true Vietnam War classic.
“The dead know only one thing that it’s better to be alive”, this is very true but we often forget this especially when we are healthy and a part of the priveldged world.
I often wonder why the less fortunate look happier than the fortunate, I guess it’s because they know the meaning of those words and maybe they are actually the fortunate ones for knowing this.
“We have killed so many throughout all the wars but it seems like there are still so many worth killing as we just keep fighting”, makes you think how uneducated we really are when war seems our preferred option to resolve conflicts. We also got exposed to Fake news back in the old days when the news was made to sound better than it was in reality in order to keep up troop moral. Nowdays our fake news is produced to be as shocking as possible, to create hate and fear and make sure love is not an option.

“The Marine corps doesn’t want robots it wants indistructable men without fear”. Wow, how unhuman that must be, no wonder why most mad Men have had some kind of military experience. Maybe the world as whole is producing this kind of human. Fight the tread, forgive and love and be an outstanding creative non robotic human being.

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