Golpe de Vingança (Kickboxer), de Mark Disalle e David Worth (1989), com Jean-claude Van Damme

The muscles from Brussels goes from a frightened brother to a fierce fighter in this action movie based in hot steamy Thailand.

This is the kind of movie that made all young boys want to start martial arts the moment it ended. The story is predictable but that’s not all bad as we know who we like and support and that’s the Hero Kurt Sloan.

The original of seven Kick Boxer movie franchises, but I must admit it’s the only one I have seen. The bad guy is Tong Po, a scary looking guy who I would not like to encounter as I am past my prime and won’t offer much resistance.

We meet the master teacher (mentor) who teaches Kurt a whole lot about himself making him a better fighter and better person all round. This again shows the importance of spending time with people you can learn from.

I am also happy to say that even in Thailand they believe in not making decisions on an empty stomach, so I might be part Asian….

Some beautiful scenery in this movie taken when we didn’t have easy access to the east. It really was a secretive mystical place back then.

This movie has some great fight scenes and obviously some love scenes making it all that we have come to expect from the East.

We also shown that if you put your mind to it you can achieve some incredible results even the possibility of beating Tong PO who looks unbeatable. Learn to breath in and out in a whole new way a little like Monica Seles (quite a bit of noise) and you will reach new powers.

There is also some light comedy but it’s not very good, just enough to bring a smile to your face. The most painful split you will ever see is when Kurt has his legs stretched apart in training… Ouch that would hurt me even more than kicking the palm tree.

Watch this movie but don’t be too hard on yourself we can’t all have the Van Damme body do his splits and pull off wearing those t-shirts.

Never Surrender!!!

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