Good Will Hunting, de Gus Van Sant (1997)

Good Will Hunting (Matt Damon) and Chuckie (Ben Affleck) write and act in a gripping, yet beautiful movie. A movie which shows us that they put all of their hearts and minds into it when making it. You can see that the most important thing in their lives at that moment in time was making this movie as they wanted it to be made in their vision. It’s awesome to see friends working together and having a blast while doing it, and then being rewarded for the work with an Oscar.

Genius and brilliance are attributes unfortunately seldom used today, as many opt for using fear instead to stand out. This movie shows us that brilliance comes in all shapes and also from where we least expect it and that sometimes we just need the support of great friends and a solid support structure to develop our inner brilliance, irrespective of our difficult circumstances and scarred past.

Will Hunting feels intellectually superior to many of those around him but at the same time emotionally inferior to many others he cares about. Like so many of us, Will feels nothing for material things around him but gives high value and priority to people he loves and trusts.

The movie enters another level when Robin Williams comes in as Will’s therapist. What starts as a stormy relationship, soon turns into an amazing friendship. A friendship in which both of them benefit from giving more and taking less from each other. In a natural way and by not expecting much from each other they obtain happiness which is the true treasure of life. Will’s casted girlfriend, Skylar (Minnie Driver) delivers a strong performance as a non-pushy lover who grows in relevance with every scene she enters. There really is no weak performances and the casting is perfect. Robin Williams expresses some powerful personal feelings in this movie of which some he most probably was going through in his personal life as well. I can’t stop thinking of what could have been done to save the life of this amazing actor and human being. His eyes say so much yet we never really understood what he was going through. “You don’t know about real loss, ’cause it only occurs when you’ve loved something more than you love yourself,” Robin Williams says this in the movie, how true it is for all of us.

How many of us have talent but no direction? How incredible would it be if we knew our direction early in life? If we could put all our focus, passion and talent in the right direction, imagine what could be achieved. However we, unfortunately, continue to believe in unifying and normalizing everyone in the same way and if someone is different then we push them back into the system and tell them to be like all the others. These brilliant individuals are often unfairly judged and undervalued in our “one-shoe-fits-all” society. This is so very wrong! It’s wrong because we are all different, with different talents and different passions we should encourage our kids to find their talents early and follow them as only then do they stand the opportunity to be happy in life.

Have the courage to encourage our youth to follow their dreams and experience as much as possible without the fear of being labeled a misfit. Being an individual is being brave in life.

Don’t project your shit onto others, we all have our own problems. Don’t compare your tragedies to that of others, we all have our own sad stories.

It’s our responsibility and our duty to use our talents to achieve the most we can in life. Even when we take a beating we have to stand up and still aim to achieve the most that we are capable of.

This is a movie full of life lessons, to be enjoyed and appreciated by everyone alike, especially anyone going through some tough times of fear and doubts of what their future holds. Watch it, I assure you, you will be inspired.

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