Happiness is …

Happiness seems to be a topic we spend most of our lives trying to understand and ultimately achieve. Sadly many of us will perish before we ever truly experience happiness. The reason for this is because we ourselves never truly believe we will die one day, we believe only others die and that we still have a long time to go before we close our eyes forever.

This being the case we stress and worry every single day as we work, plan and gather funds/assets and other shit. We gather and collect and build up so much that many times we have enough for two to three lifetimes but remember we only have one. We gather enough for rainy days, sunny days and all kinds of other days. We actually gather and collect so much that we then spend our lives working to ensure that we don’t loose it all. We spend our lives living a lie or living for others so that our friends, family even enemies believe we are wealthier, healthier and happier than we really are.

Living this lie only contributes to stress which contributes to disease which contributes to more stress and ultimately to sadness and unhappiness.

It gives me no pleasure in explaining happiness in such a direct and blunt way but I do believe in being truthful so I will continue. Only when we understand that less is more do we stand the chance of experiencing happiness during our lifetime. When we have less shit we automatically have more time to spend with loved ones as we spend less time having to look after all the unneccessary rubbish which we thought we needed. What you really need is time for experiences with those you love, time for yourself and even time for your pets because these are the times in which you really cement your happiness.

Give less of a shit of what others think, don’t work to collect extra shit and don’t give a shit for things that you cannot change.

Live your life with more common sense with more passion, share your blessings with others, strive to live with higher values, be God fearing as it gives you hope in this world and you will see your happiness grow in unbelievable measure. You will be a better person, you will make others better people as you travel your road of happiness.

In the end happiness is …. Simple, achievable and you deserve it.

this article was posted at link to leaders, 18/10/2019.

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