Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man. 1991

Could you ever find cooler guys than a Harley Davidson Man (Mickey Rouke) or a Marlboro Man (Don Johnson). They just ooze coolness…. I want to be one of them. We then have a bad guy played by Daniel Baldwin and a pretty singer played by Vanessa Williams not exactly star studded, but again a cool selection. Don’t expect great acting as this is a fun kind of movie, not too serious but still good action. It’s a real 90’s movie where freedom and individuality is a receipt for an action adventure. I love the boots, jeans and the leather jackets. I just wish I could pull off those cool looks.
I personally own and ride a Harley, not as often as I should though maybe because it rattles my privates a little too much. I also own and ride a Vespa and have to admit that I have done more miles and produced more smiles on my Vespa. Life is full of expectations but the truth is that sometimes simpler and cheaper options are a lot more fun. The movie produces some sexy scenes using a motorcycle and a dressed down woman (naked), that I don’t think would be filmed today. The truth is that it was the 1990’s a decade that is not know for it’s taste or political correctness. So don’t stress too much just enjoy a movie in which all the actors looked really good back then and today look mostly horrible. I wonder what will be said in 30 years time about our current movies and how good we will be looking?

So go for a ride, have a drink and smoke a Malboro as we die anyway.

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