Key lessons on becoming entrepreneurial (with Tim Vieira).

Have you ever thought about a great idea but never really took action to make it happen?

We all know that good ideas are worthless without execution and regular commitment. In fact, everyone has good ideas but very few turn those ideas into reality. That´s where the entrepreneurial mindset should kick in. By becoming more entrepreneurial you aim at achieving the things you´ve always wanted in life – for some it may even unravel their purpose. 

For the sake of providing a high-quality article, I have Interviewed Tim Vieira, a serial entrepreneur who has shared with me some of his biggest life lessons since his early years as a business enthusiast. Tim is the founder of Brave Generation Academy and CEO of Special Edition Holding. 

Without further ado, let´s delve into the 12 lessons that I have learned with Tim.

1.    Find your purpose

Everyone can develop their entrepreneurial set of skills such as soft skills which are overlooked in most schools. However, it is critical to find one´s own purpose. Once you have found your purpose it will become much easier to master your skills and become very good at them. First find your purpose then aim at developing your entrepreneurial spirit around that. 

2.    Be optimistic (and realistic)

Being optimistic will surprise you with the things you can achieve. It is important to be optimistic over pessimistic. On the other hand, don´t forget to be realistic with your objectives. Know your limits, know what is possible, and make sure you have the right network and resources. Being realistic also means taking action with ideas that could potentially work.

3.    Push yourself out of your comfort zone

You should aim at testing what works with you and what doesn´t. Through a variety of experiences, you will learn what you are best at.

4.    Allow yourself to fail

Failing should never overwhelm you. Tim said to me – “I´ve failed more times than I´ve been successful – but if I never had those failures, I would never have had success. It takes failure to build success… I´ve probably built 100 companies that have failed, and only 10 have become successful – this is a 10% success rate”.

5.    Ask for Advice

Asking for help and advice is great for entrepreneurs. “You can learn from others´ mistakes too – and save yourself a lot of time”.

6.    Have an ego, but remain humble

Always believe in your ideas. However, staying humble will open new doors and get people to pull you along and help you. Always listen to what others have to say and you will surprise yourself. 

7.    Take action and find opportunities

If you don´t have initiatives and put yourself in different situations nothing new will happen in your life. Once you become someone who takes action, you will soon find yourself surrounded by opportunities.

8.    Be sparing of your lifestyle

Don´t spend more than what you have. Putting yourself in debt is like taking away your freedom. “Money is one of the biggest traps”. Give yourself space to grow your financial resources and don´t fall for the usual materialistic dilemma that society expects from you.

9.    Be persistent 

Do not give up easily. Try things differently and if that still doesn´t work then move on to the next idea. Being persistent is allowing yourself to test, fail, and learn with your experiences without losing sight of your main objective.

10. Build a Network

Building your network will open many doors for you. People are willing to help those that are also accessible when needed. Don´t be afraid to reach out to people even if you don´t know them. The worst that will happen is getting a “no”. 

11. Have a vision

Creating a vision for the future gives you a sense of direction and purpose. It also drives you to do things that help you achieve your ideal future.

12. Be openminded

Being open-minded will help you do things differently; will make you stand out. Entrepreneurs should be open to the constant changes in their environment, society, and surroundings. Being open minded is a major advantage for those looking to do business nowadays. 

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