Motorhomes (RV) a family affair

Before this trip my idea of RV (motorhome) was the movie with the same name staring the late Robin Williams. A romantic idea but painful in real life.
Keep reading my idea changes….

Just like ebony and ivory, pizza and coke, John McEnroe and Jimmy Connors, Romeo and Juliet. An RV motorhome fuses together adventure and experiences as nothing else can. I must admit that I was sceptical as I was not really a fan of the thought of holidays in a motorhome. This has all changed in the last month, maybe it’s due to my older age as I now have changing expectations or maybe I just never knew how awesome it could be.

A motorhome vacation is the perfect fusion of transport (freedom) and accommodation (experiences) which contributes to an unforgettable adventure.

My story starts in Sydney when we picked up our Mercedes-Benz 6 berth RV named Apollo. We set out on our road trip from Sydney to Cairns along some of God’s most beautiful country.
I was a little nervous as I took control of what felt like a small Jumbo jet, which had to fit wherever our GPS would send us. We watched our intro video 3 times so that we wouldn’t make any mistakes with our septic tanks and other vital connections. It could also be me just taking my time as I was a little scared as I knew once we were off there was no turning back !!!

I decided to immediately make it a family affair by getting Alex and Titus involved as pit crew when ever we stopped to set up camp. They were outstanding and any formula one team would have been happy to have them.

I could explain to you all the technical aspects however all that info you can find on YouTube. I will proceed to give you insights on what the experience does to you and your family.
For starters the simple act of choosing your bed in the RV is a exciting discussion, ultimately there is a perfect spot for everyone even for Elena my princess. You fill the drawers with your belongings and press the various buttons as you find clever little items all over the place.
Once we were all settled in, we pulled off and that’s when you realize you have your house on the back of your car… There is laughter, suggestions and expert advice especially from the wife as she knows about house and home.
Next step as per Lidia’s suggestion is to stop and shop as you need food in the house. As I parked my small Jumbo for the first time all hands were on deck to make sure I did it safely. I saw hand signals and heard shouts from all four ends but in the end I was safely parked. Once again all together we started filling the shopping trolley with goodies as each of us had something that we wanted to try. We ended with far more snacks than meals but who cares we are on a road trip.
We decided to drive along the coast so we could stop regularly at beaches. We drove on many secondary roads which was great as we experienced the little towns which is the real Australia. We also only booked our campsites on the day so we didn’t have to be anywhere by anytime. This is a luxury that I highly recommend as you get to decide how far you drive or how late you leave at your own convenience. You also make it a family choice as you discuss opinions during your drive of where to stay. Key words such as pool, wild life, beach, play grounds and dump stations (sewerage point) will influence your choices. Don’t only go on recommendations from reviews as there are always too many experts with too many expectations giving their comments.
Be open minded and see and experience things for yourself.

Our camps where awesome, our locations where ideal and our overall experiences where unforgettable.
We saw kangaroos, millions of birds, hundreds of fish and spectacular sunrises and sunsets. We laughed, ate, played, sang, chatted and cried together. We met wonderful people on the road, in the stores and at the campsites where everyone says “g’day mate”
We showered in communal showers we grilled in shared areas and it all seemed so natural. We parked our RV next to other families, to older or younger couples (it’s a mixed bunch). We parked up close or sometimes more isolated but we were always part of a community. We were offered advise, suggestions and even milk by the lovely McKenzie family at Mission beach. We later bumped into them again at a swimming point around Carins and I am sure we will see them again one day, We were amazed at how civilized, respectful and accommodating everyone is to one another in this shared community. On the road there was always a wave, a little help in parking or just a smile to remind you that you are part of a special community who cherishes adventure and family experiences above all else.

It was great to see our kids offline but at the same time connected to the experience. They experienced humans at their very best and came out believing that being friendly and caring is a positive and a real asset. They said Hello to everyone, they communicated with others and they shared stories with the most random people. They became open minded and told others about where they come from and how wonderful it’s there and that they miss it, but that they are loving this experience of travel. They became sensitive to locals and asked the right questions to start conversations never offending customs or traditions.

It made me understand the saying “it takes a village to bring up a child”. As our children grew, I grew prouder and more fulfilled.

We swam in rivers, beaches, pools, visited unforgettable places, listened to awesome driving music (chosen by Alex), ate wonderful food (cooked by Lidia), discussed country statistics (supplied by Titus) saw amazing views (Elena taking selfies) but most importantly we did it all together.
It has been a blessing for us all as we now know each other a little better than before, we love each other a little more than before and we all a little bit more human than before (forgiving).

I can highly recommend a camping trip for any family who loves each other and want to love each other even more. It doesn’t need to be far, expensive or luxurious it just needs to be done all together as the rest happens naturally.

We have had our high and lows during the 3063km trip but overall the highs out number the lows which are quickly forgotten as you soon have to eat, sleep and play together in your Motorhome. Thanks Apollo you have been great we will miss you but not for long as we meet our new Apollo in New Zealand for a new adventure.

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