Smart Cities will not thrive without ethics

The ZOOM GLOBAL SMART CITIES Association was created on 29th May 2018 with the aim of creating a representative entity of professionals, experts, and city enthusiasts in all its dimensions (social, economic, environmental, cultural, etc.).

An organization that intends to contribute to the solidification of smart city projects around the world through a multisectoral and transversal approach, as the purely technological and digital vision of the city has become reductive.

With the proliferation of solutions and proposals that were biased and colliding with the public interest, it was necessary to equalize the smart city approach from the human point of view, with ethics, morals, and transparent processes that allow an evolution supported on solid and indestructible pillars defending the new generations.

The ZGSC Association, over the past two years, has been promoting and disseminating good practices and involving the most varied partners in building a new reality for the smart cities of the future: more sustainable, efficient, creative, healthy, and welcoming new players, business and talent.

The ZGSC Association develops strategies, blueprints, frameworks, and roadmaps for the solidification of ongoing projects and their continuity, as well as new projects that need an independent and credible entity as a partner to attract investors, promote sustainable solutions and in harmony with values of our society that must be protected and cultivated.

In the midst of the crisis caused by Covid-19, it becomes even more evident the need to include in the projects, independent and knowledgeable of global realities professionals, but also technicians, researchers, and creatives whose contributions will be the heart and soul of any smart city project.

It is also time to grow and, marking the 2nd anniversary, the association includes some more world-renowned names, available for endless work to improve our society.

More than names and curricula, they are individuals with extraordinary backgrounds who decided to take our manifesto and contribute to the progress of cities in all dimensions.

We welcome new members:

Tim Vieira (Special Advisor)

Mei Wen (Special Advisor)

Piero Pellizaro

Rhonda Binda

João Barroca

Bruno Moura Ferreira

Arnaldo Costeira

António Pires Santos

Susana Lucas

Eddie Bet-Hazavdi

The association will continue to grow in the coming months and, in addition to the members, will disclose partnerships with cities, startups, and companies in an innovation ecosystem for the exclusive and credible Smart Cities.

For the next 12th June, an online event is also scheduled to discuss the alternative path to success. Registration is taking place at this link.

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