The Lost Boys (1987) directed by Joel Schumacher

My all-time favorite vampire movie, yes I said all-time not just 80’s. It’s a great example of how wonderful the 80’s were as we were able to enjoy ourselves by not complicating anything but rather doing everything with passion. Everything was cool for someone and someone was always cool for us, proven by the different posters we each had on our bedroom walls.

We also belonged to different groups, the nerds, the leathers bikers, the sporty tracksuit users, head bangers, surfers/skaters and offcourse the Denim cool dudes. There were so many sub groups but they all belonged and they all knew their place in 80’s society. It was a lot more interesting than today’s world where we all try be the same, this is not cool guys as we are much more interesting when we are different and authentic.

The movie is about two teenage brothers Michael (Jason Patric) and Sam (Corey Haim) who move to Santa Carla (Santa Cruz) with their single mother to live with their laid back Californian grandfather. The first problem they encounter which becomes their biggest, is that the hottest girl Star (Jami Gertz) is connected to the vampires which are lead by David (Kiefer Sutherland).

It’s not a serious movie but it is seriously entertaining and that is sometimes all we should want from a movie. You will love it as you become part of an adventure where you learn the survival skills needed to confront vampires.

Great sound track right from the start “Cry Little Sister” by Gerard McMahon as they fly over the unforgettable Broadwalk which I have been lucky enough to have visited a few years ago. This movie has something for anyone who has lived through the 80’s, great posters, scrambler bikes, surf boards, and many more 80’s items which will give you that warm fussy feeling.

The video and comic stores will also take you back in time making you believe these type of stores existed, the truth is they did and I spent lots of time and pocket money in them. The Frog Brothers are exactly what every kid wanted to be in the 80’s, they are cool heros, fighting for a cause they believe in although their cause seems bigger and more dangerous than they are capable of handling. Still the Frog brothers manage to look confident and strangely totally in control.

We should all learn from their attitude in our own lives, keeping calm and at least seeming like we are in full control with total confidence !!! Look out for Innovative use of water guns, the most amazing Sax player ever and my favorite hero Nanook, I have a feeling he will also become your favorite hero. In the end as I said in the beginning is that this movie is entertainment at it’s best. I must admit that I miss this type of raw movie production which 30 years later has become a piece of art in my opinion. Also its touching to see brotherly love triumphing over blood sucking vampires.

Favorite line is when Sam (Corey Haim) says “death by stereo”. Go watch this movie before I push a wooden stake through your heart….

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