Tim’ s old school – The Spy (2019)

My apologies as this review is not a movie but a 6 episode series and it’s also not old school. Actually it’s on Netflix so no Video or DVD is even available, unlike most of my previous selections. This series was recommended to me by a good friend, to whom I am now indebted. Thanks Godfrey !!!

I am excited to share this review with you as I love the classics and The Spy is definitely a future classic. It’s the complete package a great story, incredible acting and is totally engaging. whether you like spy stories or not. In the main role of Eli Cohen (Sacha Baron Cohen), we have an actor that has earned my respect for this role as I must admit I didn’t really rate or even like him based on previous idiotic roles. in this role however he is top class and deserves every kind of award out there. I then also saw his speech at the AFL leadership awards and I must admit I am now a fan. It’s so good to be impressed in a positive way by someone and Sacha Baron Cohen has impressed the pants off me.

The movie is set between 1960 and 1965 and immediately takes us back to this period with the cars, clothes and locations. None of them are very memorable but they are all very realistic. We quickly come to understand all the hatred there is in the middle East and how crucial it is for Israel to always ensure that they are one step ahead of their enemies.

We also understand the love that Israelis have for their country. Even nowadays all Israelis still do military service and many times find themselves in the line of fire for their country. Most of us will never experience this honour and horror.

We follow the life of Eli Cohen that chooses his country above his life or his family and never hesitated or doubted his loyalties. We see difficult but still special friendships between enemies and yet we also can see how similar we are as humans even though we are enemies. The story is accurate which makes it even sadder as it shows us how difficult it is for us to understand why they fight and how will peace ever come about. I don’t want to spoil this master piece, suffice to say it will keep your heart pounding loudly in your chest minute by minute. His wife Nadia Cohen, played by Hadar Ratzon-Rotem is equally outstanding in her role and anyone who has engaged with Israeli woman will appreciate how she is spot on in her role. She is straight forward, strong, brave and always gives more than she receives to the ones she loves.

The series is perfectly set over 6 episodes as they tell the whole story and you come out of it wiser and totally content with the start middle and end not wanting to suggest any changes. Unlike many other movies you might watch. No questions are left unanswered no improvements are even contemplated as this is a master piece. I am now a fan of Sacha Baron Cohen and can’t wait to see the next role he plays as I believe there is more unforgettable acting to come.

Watch this series with someone you love and care about as you will need a hand to hold on to as it’s a powerful story. You will both be so much richer for the experience. Enjoy

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