Time to wake up and Be Brave

In a world that seems so much as if its headed for disaster, and offers little hope for future success, I plead that you wake up and Be Brave.

Now, more than ever, we need all like-minded people to unite and make a difference. We hear the extreme right and the extreme left loud and clear over and over. Why are they more passionate than us, the normal middle class? We are so many more in numbers and we have values, common sense and the talent to make a positive difference.

Are we blind, don’t we care or are we just too busy to act and make the difference?

I believe that we are too comfortable, too scared to shake the tree, we don’t want to lose what we believe we worked so hard for.

The truth however is very different, the truth is that if we don’t stand up, Be Brave and be heard then we will lose it all.

The time has come for the average person, the everyday normal person to stand up and take control of our future by influencing our present. If we don’t act now, we could lose it all.

It’s time we cut out all the fear mongering media and the conspiracy theorists that exist for every fact and truth.

We have to elect power leaders that stand for what we believe in, that share our values and have plans that we can help execute.

We have to become louder and more passionate about our causes, more so than the extremists on either side. We have to connect with like-minded people and not find differences that contributes to hatred because of lies and fear. We are at a crossroads and we need to take responsibility, be honest with ourselves and those we love and make commitments towards a better future. Commitments in how we live, in how we work, in our actions every day, as these will impact our lives and our world forever.

We still have hope, we still have good people in this world we can still do good things during our lifetime that will ensure our loved ones have a good and better future.


– Take responsibility for the way you live for your earthly footprint today. Don’t expect others to change if you don’t change. Buy less, use less, share more and live more.

– Use common sense in your life. If it’s bad or feels bad, then it probably is. Be a better example today than you were yesterday.

– Have Values and keep good friends, forgive and love as this will make you happy. You need to have people to share your life with, even if sometimes they hurt you, you need them. We all make mistakes it’s just how we get over them that differs.

– Beware of all the information you are exposed to as many of it is false or factually incorrect and are pushed with certain agendas. It’s so dangerous nowadays as the false news seems so real. Be wise, believe in some unwavering facts that keep you grounded to the truth.

– We have so much of everything but so little hope, work to change that. Create hope by seeing the good things, work towards the good things and hope will start to blossom again.

– Create hope for others and hope will grow in your own life as well. Give and you will receive. Hope is the driver of life and happiness. It’s the last thing we can lose before we are truly a lost case.

– Fill your life with Joy and not with stuff. Stuff will not make you happy. Do the little things and the big wonderful things will happen in your life.

– Accept the uncomfortable truth of life that one day we will all die so enjoy this life you have. Don’t live for the future but rather life the present.

– Don’t over complicate your life or your life’s mission. In the big picture most of the decisions we think are so important to us at that current moment are not. Don’t make your decisions or yourself more important than you are.

– You must realise that just because you care doesn’t mean it’s important or others care. Don’t make it all about you.

– Our main job in life is to love and forgive, and by doing this we create hope for us all. We need hope as much as we need air. Without hope we are dead. I have unfortunately seen this first hand and it is a terrible experience.

– We need to believe the future will be better because that is how hope works and hope can do amazing things when it’s around.

– There will be days that you are angry or sad and that’s ok as it means you still have hope for a better future. Only when you lose all hope do you enter true depression and believe that you are worth nothing.

– Learn to create hope for you and those around you (watch the movie “Life is Beautiful”). Creating hope is your main objective and your final achievement.

– Hopelessness is a spreading epidemic in the developed rich world. The more we have the more depressed we seem to get. Stress and anxiousness build up as we fear losing all the things we have. Our material possessions become our self-image and loosing such becomes symbolic of losing oneself.

– Depression in rich countries is more common and affects its citizens earlier in life than ever before. Don’t fall into the trap, forget Black Fridays and all those other consumer orientated spending drives.

– We are losing Social trust as we don’t trust our government, our media or even each other. We have to turn this around by electing better leaders, by vetting false news and by talking to each other again. Only then can we hope for a better future.

– We need to feel in control or at lease believe we have leaders who are in control. At this present time, it feels like we are in free fall. We need values that unite us to work for something better together. I personally believe we can do it and that we have all the talent and desire to make our world a better place for all. I have promised myself that I will contribute and use my skills to do my part in creating hope for the world. It’s my mission and will be my legacy when I am gone. Join me and let’s create hope together I promise you, we are the majority.

This article was posted at link to leaders, 04/12/2019.

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