Top Gun – Ases Indomáveis, Tony Scott (1986)

Jerry Bruckheimer production, yes he was around back then already, and now we continue to see his name on so many productions today. In this movie, only the top 1% of pilots get into this school, no it’s not Space force it’s so much more serious, it’s Top Gun !!!
Maverick (Tom Cruise) and Charlie (Kelly MaGills) play the leads in this legendary movie with an unforgettable sound Track. Every song transports  me back to my youth and it takes me a few seconds to come back from the clouds. I want to be a fighter pilot just like when I was young, wear an ace jacket, put on my Ray-Ban’s and ride my motor bike. Yes “I feel the need ….. The need for speed”. These were the movies that made us love America and hate the MIGs. These were the classics that made us want to be hero’s and made us believe we could be the heroes. You also keep realizing that Tom Cruise is really short, nevertheless he goes on to great heights in his movie career and Top Gun has lots to do with that success. “Son, your ego is writing cheques that your body can’t cash” …. just one of the top lines from the movie. The sound track just keeps blowing you away or should I say “Take my breath away”. Iceman (Val Kilmer) is the bad guy and he plays a bad guy really well and a bad guy is just as important as a good good guy. The story deals a lot about decisions, good and bad ones, about friendship and not letting friends down. I guess we all live in a small way the Top Gun school in our own lives.
Lots of passionate kissing and more great music, and you know what, there is nothing wrong with that. In the movie Maverick’s plane goes into an uncontrolled spin for no good reason much like it happens to us in real life. Moral of the story we need to get back in the pilots seat and engage the next challenge of life and it’s many confusing tail spins. The best of the best make mistakes but the difference is they carry on going and don’t quit. We also see how all the training and mishaps that happens prepared Maverick for his biggest challenge and because of those previous failures and lessons he was successful when it mattered.
An interesting fact is that one of the stunt pilots actually crashed over the Pacific in making this movie so the limits were definitely pushed in many ways in the making of Top Gun.  There is not much more I can say about this movie except that I watched the trailer for the new Top Gun and I can confirm that I will definitely be taking the family to watch !!! After the last Top Gun movie there was an increase enrollment applications for Navy pilots of 500%, I wonder what will happen this time. I must admit that I felt a little younger when I finished the movie, I guess that’s the secret to youth relieving those top memories and believing you can live the adventure. Enjoy!

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