Unprecedented times need unprecedented actions

As the Coronavirus crisis deepens, we need Governments to act fast and effectively in dealing not just with the health side of the disease but the economic disaster at our doorstep. We need Governments to understand that this crisis is a whole new game with new rules that will require innovative and painful actions to at least limit the negative effects. It’s something we have never experienced, it’s global, affecting our core values, hopes and future plans. Yet, Governments believe they can solve this by spending and throwing money at this problem as previously done. I am sad to say that this approach will not work, it actually hasn’t worked for quite a while unless you were invested in the stock markets or one of the privileged few who worked the system and made sure there was no trickle down effect. This option could even add fuel to the fire and make the economic situation worse.

As I see more stimulus packages being thought out,  similar to previous packages, I can only hold my head in dissapointment. We need new thinking, otherwise this economic patient will remain terminally ill. We need brave and confident leadership not 26 people on a conference call but rather 2 or three leaders who stand up and make the right calls that we can all follow.

We need Governments to freeze rentals, mortgage and loan payments for at least 6 months. We then need to think of food stamps to cover basic needs until the economy starts up again. We need this now as many both in the developed and developing world live day to day as this was what our economies encouraged. Spend and consume was vital to numbers on the stock exchange going up and making us all wealthier (maybe not all but at least 10% locally and 1% globally). We now see the US wanting to dish out 1000 dollars to each American, congratulations you are now a socialist also offering free testing and treatment, very socialist again. Well done Trump, you have beaten Bernie in taking the US socialist.

We have the chance with this crisis to finally fix some wrongs, especially as this time we are in it together, as both the rich and the poor are all in lockdown. We have to agree that going forward a mix of capitalism and socialism is needed if we are to make all people live better but not necessarily wealthier. This is our opportunity, as for once no one wants to go shopping for luxuries, buy cars, get the latest phone or even travel. Our priorities of family, friendship and life have been reshuffled. We now just need leaders and Government to understand this and not try make it like it was before but rather build the future better than it ever has been.

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