Welcome to all fellow humans, it’s a privilege to be here with you all.

I know that this article is going to expose me to lots of attacks and criticism, but I thought I should post it anyway as we need to find new solutions to new challenges. I believe firmly that we all deserve a better future. I believe, we can bravely enter this future as a united force if we have time and resources to allow our human creativity to flourish. Boredom is an enemy as it dries up our thought, our imagination and our inspiration. Life is too short and precious for us humans to be stuck doing mundane repetitive tasks. Our calling should be to paint, write, story tell, invent, socialize, manage, lead and explore. If we all have talents, let’s not keep them hidden, let’s find them and use them. The recent Coronavirus has shown us that as humans many of our basic needs are simple and can be easily met. The small things actually mean the most and less is more. All our daily mundane tasks and repetitive everyday jobs can easily be performed by robots. We can liberate our time to read more books, complete higher learning courses and spent more time with family, so doing now what we longed to do in the future. For us the future can be now, and robots make this future possible today. As our governments will require tax revenues to supply us with the basics, being health, security and education. With those thoughts in mind, I suggest a robot tax (robot security contribution) that will contribute to cover the national costs of our countries expenses for those basic services. I also suggest that these taxes be the same globally thereby offering no advantages to companies if they wish to relocate. The whole human world must benefit as one from robots. This I hope will encourage local robots to contribute to local economies thereby improving the world’s climate challenges and polluted environment due to less logistics across the globe. This Robot security contribution will be similar to the current social security contribution that are paid by us humans to our governments. In this way we can also ensure that social security payments, do not run out for our beloved retired population and our own future needs. Robots will not have the right or need to retire thereby not adding to the almost unpayable country debt. Robots will be made of recycled materials so they too, like humans, have a lifecycle that goes from ashes to ashes. Yes my fellow man I agree, having robots doing all the boring and repetitive work might make many humans lazy. Fellow humans do not fear as we already have a lazy problem today but maybe we can change this by giving people opportunity to really excel and what they have passion for. Laziness, will be overcome because robots will be doing all the repetitive work and allowing all humans to identify their calling and thereby contributing to better world. We will not loose jobs but create new ones which only humans can do. Just like tools don’t take our jobs so will robots be tools to benefit us all. Let’s get robots working and paying social robot contributions so we can take humanity further together. We should be using humans to improve the world and robots to keep it going for us all.

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